About Him From Within

William Trice Battle

Him From Within (HfW) is for those on a search to become their best selves. Self-help and motivational resources are a dime-a-dozen. Yet so many still suffer from doubt, anxiety, depression, and worthlessness.

If I was trying to market myself to sell you a "product", it would be at this moment I would tell you this website offers something different, something new, some undiscovered secret that helps unlock the doors to happiness, success and fulfillment. But I'm not going to tell you that. 

Because anyone that does is full of crap. 

All of the answers you are looking for have already been written and said countless times. The truth is, when it comes to unlocking your own personal fulfillment, you already know what the answers are. You've just either forgot, or you have yet to hear them in words that resonate with you. 

I am simply a guide. I'm not going to fancy myself as some guru or shaman. I am a human, just like you, on a path to personal wholeness, just like you. 

I want you to finally be free from your greatest adversary: yourself. But the truth is, I'm still at war with my inner-adversary and I always will be. Everyone always will be. The only thing unique about those who have found personal completeness and fulfillment, is that they have learned their inner-enemy's strategies and weaknesses, and are fighting back. 

It's time for you to enter the fight. 

A little about the author: 

I live in in Dallas, Texas with my beautiful wife and two sons. With a Master's in philosophy and writing from HBU, I pursue my passion of using my words to evoke inspiration in others. When a recent short tribute to my wife went viral on social media, I realized that this passion was more than just a hobby, it was a calling. I now write with a greater purpose, with the hope that through my words, I can bring healing and help to others.

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